DigitalOcean Sucks

I had taken digitalocean as an good choice which came with surprisingly good performance and  low price when the first time I knew them, but just 1 day after I launched a server, they asked my full set of information and told me”There was a violation in our network terms of service that forced us to lock your account. ” , including:
-Your Name
-Phone Number
-Type of Traffic you will be sending from the server
-1 or more of the following:
1. Your public twitter handle
2. Your blog
3. Your company or personal website
4. Your public facebook profile
when I asked what kind of violation and pretty sure there is only a one-page website in my server, they ignored my reply, after my 5 more ticket which asking for reply, they told me they would not tell me anything about that and will lock it permanently, after a dozen of my new reply asking for their reply, they tell me there’s somthing happend with some ddos attack.

OK, I was totally buying it.

In the very beginning of this I thought this just happened to me, but after that I found more of this on geek website and other people’s blog, all with  a TOS that can’t be broken, How could this happen? They cannot be all wrong, so it must be DigitalOcean’s problem.

So if you are using or going to try DigitalOcean for there ads and price, be careful, make backups everyday, and watch your data carefully.

and MR DigitalOcean, my previous account is, you can check it.

P.S. And it’s very ugly to forbid our IPs when we just want a reply.

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